The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

Windshield Repair and Replacement Answers

by Eric Olson

The windshield can be one of the largest and most important pieces of auto glass that your vehicle has. This makes damage occurring to it a major issue for the vehicle's owner. Failing to properly address this issue can make the vehicle less safe and more difficult to operate while potentially reducing its value.

1. How Does Damaged Auto Glass Pose a Safety Risk?

A small crack or chip in the auto glass may seem innocent enough. However, it can represent a weak point in the glass that could be far more prone to failing. This is especially true given the intense pressures, impacts and other forces that the windshield will have to experience. These damages can also result in the windshield being more likely to shatter if the vehicle is involved in a minor accident. Lastly, this can be a safety hazard due to the impaired vision that it will have for the driver.

2. Can the Crack or Chip Return to Repaired Windshields?

The durability of the repair to the windshield will largely be determined by the size of the crack or chip. If these damages are too large for the repair resin to fully correct, they may return within a few weeks or months of the repair work being done. Due to this risk, a car owner will likely need to have their entire windshield replaced if the damages are too large to be effectively repaired. While this will be more expensive than patching the damaged auto glass, your insurance may cover at least some of the cost. Additionally, many windshield replacement services work with outside services to providing financing for their clients that qualify.

3. How Disruptive Will Windshield Replacements Be for the Vehicle Owner?

While replacing the windshield is one of the most intensive auto glass repairs that your vehicle may need to undergo, it is likely to be less disruptive than you might assume. For example, mobile windshield replacement services can complete this repair wherever your car is parked—you won't need to transport the car to a repair facility. Additionally, the entire process of replacing a windshield will normally only take a couple of hours to complete. While the resin will need some time to dry and cure, the vehicle will be in driving condition within a few hours after installation. Scheduling this repair on a day when you can take the afternoon off from driving can limit the inconveniences of being unable to operate your vehicle during this time. 


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