The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

What's The Worst That Can Happen With A Windshield Crack?

by Eric Olson

Having your windshield develop a small crack can be extremely frustrating, and many car owners are quick to try and ignore the problem. After all, if it's not getting in the way of you seeing the street clearly, there's no real harm, right? Unfortunately, this is wrong. If you have even a tiny crack in your windshield, you should read this guide to find out how it can go wrong quickly. 

Possibility of Shattering

Windshields are quite strong, but they're designed to be one seamless piece. When a crack develops anywhere in the windshield, it undermines the structural integrity of the entire piece of glass. This means that what would ordinarily leave no impact on your windshield could not only cause the crack to grow larger, but it could also actually cause the entire windshield to crack or shatter. This is extremely dangerous, especially if you're driving the car, as it can immediately impede your vision or even cause glass to come flying at your face while you're at the wheel.

What Can Cause It

You might think that as long as the windshield doesn't come into contact with any serious harm that it'll be fine, but that's not quite true. Something as simple as a tiny pebble or gravel flying at your windshield while you're driving on a freeway at high speeds can cause the windshield to shatter if it's already cracked. The same can also be said of hail. In fact, if the hailstorm is bad enough, it may cause the windshield to shatter even if you're not actively driving the car or moving. This not only leaves you with a shattered windshield but could also mean having the interior of your car ruined by exposure to water and pounding hail.

What to Do

Many, if not most, car repairs require driving to a repair station, having the problem analyzed, and then getting it repaired while you sit there. However, if you're in this situation, you're pretty lucky because the same isn't true of windshield repairs.

Most windshield repair companies will come to you, rather than making you come to them. This is not only for your convenience but also to ensure that you don't have to drive in unsafe conditions to get to the repair shop.

To get your windshield fixed, simply make a call to a windshield repair company. They'll ask for some basic information, like the make and model of your car, what year it was made in, and where you're located. Once you agree on a time or date, they'll arrive with the necessary parts and will fix it for you, even if you stay in your home or are working. That way, you can immediately start driving again without worrying about it.

As an added plus, if the crack isn't severe yet, your windshield repair technician may be able to fix it without replacing the entire windshield. However, this will depend upon the level of damage.


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