The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

Home Window Tinting: Things To Consider

by Eric Olson

Your home energy costs tend to increase as a result of hot, sunny weather because you will run your air conditioning system to maintain a cool, comfortable interior temperature. The good news is that these energy costs can be kept under control by having a professional install tint on your residential windows. However, before you move forward with this installation, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Factory-Coated Windows vs. After-the-Fact Applied Window Film

You have two options available when you want tinted windows. First, you can purchase home windows with window film already applied. Second, you can have window film applied to your already installed windows. Aftermarket window film is relatively inexpensive and simple to apply on your own. Alternatively, you can have a professional install it. However, the factory-coated windows may be more effective at reflecting the UV light. Ultimately, you should compare the capabilities of each before deciding which one to go with.

Window Warranty

Before applying any kind of aftermarket window film, it is imperative that you check the warranty on your existing windows. It is possible that the manufacturer of your windows may void your current warranty if the window film is applied. Some windows, such as certain double-pane windows, may heat up and expand with the installation of the window film. This may increase the risk of the window breaking and requiring replacement. If the warranty is null and void due to the window film, the cost of replacement will be on the homeowner.

Reflectivity of the Window Film

If you do not want to have dark windows, yet you do want to minimize the amount of heat that enters your home, then you should consider a reflective film or coating. These films are designed to reflect non-visible light. Some of these films are designs to make your window look as if it is a mirror from inside your home at nighttime and the same during the day from the outside. Keep in mind that your HOA may not allow this, so check with them before having this type of reflective coating applied to your windows.

Appearance of the Tint

If you want something more than the standard window tint, you should consider window coatings that have a decorative appearance to them. These films can make your windows look as if they have been etched or look like stained glass. Keep in mind, though, that these window films are not nearly as effective at saving on energy costs. However, these window films are great for privacy reasons.

If you would like to learn more about residential window tinting, contact a company near you that deals with home window tinting.


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