The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

Five Benefits Of Glass Shower Enclosures

by Eric Olson

Your bathroom should be functional but also attractive to make your shower experience worthwhile. Therefore, if you're planning to remodel your bathroom, you must consider the shower area. For instance, you have to select the ideal shower enclosure. While different enclosures such as shower curtains can work, these are outdated, and keeping them clean can be difficult. Therefore, glass shower enclosures are an excellent choice as they're modern and classy. Here are the pros of glass shower enclosure installations.

1. Low Maintenance

Glass shower enclosures have fewer maintenance requirements than other materials such as wood. For instance, cleaning glass is easy as you only need to scrub the surface with soapy water and rinse. To reduce scum stains and water spots, you can install a protective layer.

2. Healthy 

The presence of water in your bathroom can be unhealthy. That's because damp conditions lead to the proliferation of mold. Mold is unsightly, and mold spores can also trigger allergies. Luckily, glass surfaces dry quickly, preventing damp conditions, thus discouraging mold growth and protecting your health. Glass is also non-porous, making it difficult for mildew to grow.

3. Safety

Glass shower enclosures promote safety within the shower. Other enclosure types, such as shower curtains, are risky as you can trip on them, leading to severe slip and fall injuries. You may sprain your fingers or toes. Therefore, consider glass enclosures as they dry quickly, lowering the risk of slip and falls. Additionally, thick tempered glass is sturdy. Hence, the glass doesn't break easily and can cushion you against impact with bathroom surfaces if you fall. Additionally, the enclosures are water-resistant and stop water from escaping outside the shower, which could lead to dangerous, slippery floors.

4. Versatility

Different shapes, sizes, and designs of glass shower enclosures exist. Therefore, you can get a design that fits your exact shower size and specifications. Multiple dealers are available, and finding an excellent enclosure is easy. The enclosures are also affordable if you identify a seller that offers reasonable prices.

5. Spacious

If your shower space is small, shower glass enclosures can add an illusion of space since you can see inside the shower space. The continuous view is what makes the bathroom look big. On the contrary, sliding shower doors and shower curtains block your view, and your shower may feel crowded.

Glass shower enclosures offer versatility, safety, and a healthy shower environment. The enclosures also require low maintenance and make your shower look spacious. Consider installing glass shower enclosures to enjoy these benefits.


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