The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

Looking For A Windshield Replacement? 4 Reasons To Choose Laminated Glass

by Eric Olson

Laminated glass is gaining a lot of popularity in the automotive industry. It provides safety when installed in automobile windows and other glass components. The glass type is sturdier than the regular glass in the market, making it ideal for parts like the windshield. You should consider a replacement if your vehicle has suffered severe windshield damage and either shattered or formed a spider web pattern that affects your safety on the road. Laminated glass will provide the following benefits over regular glass. 

It Resists Shattering

The windshield protects you from the wind, rain, snow, hail, and all other debris that could be hurled against your vehicle as you drive. It is also the first part of the car to get exposed to these damaging elements. Regular glass easily shatters because of the impact created when your vehicle is involved in a minor accident. However, laminated glass does not fragment and will not splinter and injure people inside the car. It contains an interlayer that holds the glass particles together even after a high impact, keeping everyone safe. 

It Offers Sound Proofing

The car is one of the few places you can get a little quiet time to relax. However, you might not enjoy the experience when noise comes from the traffic and the environment. Laminated glass has two layers of glass and an interlayer with excellent insulation qualities. It cancels most of the noise from the environment. When you roll up the laminated glass window, you block out the world and get peace and serenity on the road. 

It Gives You Security

Your car windows contribute to your safety on the road. Laminated glass is more robust than regular glass, making it harder for a burglar to break into your car. Laminated glass also resists cracking when projectiles are hurled against the vehicle, especially when traveling on rough terrain. It also performs better than the regular glass in situations like hailstorms. 

It Is Fire-resistant

Fire might not be one of the first threats that come to mind when considering vehicles. However, if your car experiences fire damage, the likelihood of interior fire damage decreases with laminated glass. The interlayer material is fireproof. Therefore, the glass is safe for places prone to fire breakouts.

You can speak to an auto mechanic about proper windshield replacement using laminated glass. They will help you source the best quality brands, prepare your vehicle, and install the new windshield for the best experience.


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The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

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