The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

4 Reasons To Choose Glass Shower Doors

by Eric Olson

More homeowners are realizing that the bathroom is more than just the place where you pop in for a quick clean-up before going to work or before going to bed after work. As a result, they are becoming more intentional with the bathroom design and décor. Many put it as a priority in the list of the home areas they want to remodel. If you are thinking about or have started a bathroom remodeling project, you should consider installing glass shower doors. Here are four ways in which they will completely change your interior spaces. 

They Give the Bathroom the Illusion of Space

Bathrooms are usually among the smallest rooms in the home. Often, you wish that there was a way to make the little space available feel a little roomier than it does. Frameless glass shower doors are an excellent way to achieve this look. They create a seamless transition between the main bathroom floor and the shower area. As a result, the light gets to all parts of the room, making it appear larger. Therefore, the frameless glass shower door is the perfect way to open up the bathroom space. 

They Enhance Safety in the Bathroom

Bathroom safety is a concern you should worry about during your next remodeling project. One of the primary sources of slip and fall accidents is what flows to the main bathroom floor from the shower enclosure. This is common when you have plastic shower curtains covering your shower enclosure. However, the glass shower door is different because once you close it, you get a tight seal that water from the showerhead or the bathtub cannot get past. Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid creating slip and fall hazards in the bathroom is by installing a glass shower door. 

Can Fit Any Room and Design

Bathrooms are also the rooms in the house where the architects squeeze in the odd aspects of the spatial design. Therefore, while some bathrooms will have the regular square or rectangular shape, others have hexagonal and other oblique shapes. The fabricators can make you a glass shower enclosure that fits any of the door designs. 

Easy to Maintain

Keeping a clean bathroom is not easy. One of the biggest challenges is the grime and scum that comes from the shower because of soap and hard water mixture. Fortunately, the grime wipes off easily when you use warm soapy water. 

Glass shower doors are an ingenious addition to your bathrooms. However, you should speak to an expert about installing one for an elegant, spacious and efficient bathroom space. 


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