The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

4 Common Windshield Repair Mistakes To Avoid

by Eric Olson

By now, you already know that driving around with a chipped or cracked windshield isn't safe for you and your passengers. In the event of a minor collision, the glass could break even further to cause you severe injuries. But given that the windshield is one of your vehicle's most critical safety features, any repairs should be handled carefully. Here are four common mistakes to avoid during windshield repair. 

Not Being Able to Differentiate Between a Chip and a Crack

Being able to differentiate between a chip and a crack is critical, as it informs the repair method to be used. If your windshield only has a minor chip, a simple patch-up using an epoxy repair kit may be enough. But for a large crack, a more comprehensive repair or replacement may be needed.  

Also, where the chip or crack is located matters. If it's in the driver's line of sight, it could impair proper road visibility, and hence, should be fixed immediately. 

Not Getting Professional Help

You may be tempted to save money by using the windshield repair kits found online instead of hiring an auto glass expert for repairs. But that could be a costly mistake. Since you're not an expert, it's easy to mess up while using these kits. For example, there are some cases of people who scratched their entire windshields while attempting to fix small chips using DIY kits. 

Instead of second-guessing repairs, let an auto glass expert fix the damage. Their training and experience allow them to repair the issue without relying on tutorials. And in the end, the damage will be fixed fully, so you don't have to deal with the same repairs any time soon. 

Delaying the Repairs

You may realize your windshield has a crack but postpone fixing the damage because you don't think the issue warrants urgent attention. But keep in mind the crack will not repair itself. In fact, the more you wait, the more the crack grows bigger. Eventually, you'll have to handle more costly repairs or even replace the entire windshield. 

To be safe, seek windshield repair services as soon as you notice a problem. Today, some auto glass companies offer mobile services, so you can call them to repair your windshield from wherever you are if you don't have time to drive to an auto shop.

Driving Immediately After Repairs

Some drivers are in a hurry to drive their cars after a windshield repair or replacement. However, this may not be a wise idea. The adhesives and chemicals used may need a few hours to dry off before you can drive your car again. If you're working with an auto glass technician, they will inform you when your vehicle is ready for another drive. 

Contact a local windshield repair company for more info.  


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