The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

Go Beyond Looks: How Frameless Shower Doors Improve Your Life

by Eric Olson

If you're remodeling your bathroom, you want to make the space as safe as possible. If you're like most people, shower doors don't come to mind when you think about bathroom safety. They should though. The right shower door can dramatically improve bathroom safety. Here are three healthy reasons to choose a frameless shower door for your bathroom. 

Easier to Keep Clean 

If you struggle to keep traditional shower doors clean, you're not alone. Many people have the same struggle when it comes to keeping the bathroom clean and sanitary. Unfortunately, dirty shower doors are more than an eyesore. They're also a health concern. This is especially true with regard to rust and mold. These two issues can be a serious concern with traditional shower doors. That's why you should choose frameless shower doors for your bathroom.

With frameless shower doors, there are no hidden spaces for mold to grow. There are also no metal frames or tracks that can rust or corrode. The easier maintenance means your shower will stay clean and sanitary for you. 

Less Chance of Injuries

When it comes to designing your new bathroom, you need to consider potential injuries. A lot of household injuries happen inside the bathroom. Some of those injuries are caused by shower injuries. Metal frames can develop sharp edges that can lead to cuts. Elevated shower entrances increase the risk of trip and fall accidents. And, shower doors can shatter, leading to serious injuries. Those risks get eliminated when you choose frameless shower doors.

As stated earlier, there are no metal edges on shower doors, which eliminates the risk of cuts. Frameless shower doors offer zero-clearance entrances. That means there are no ledges to trip over. And, frameless shower doors are made with tempered glass, which means they won't shatter. These design features make frameless shower doors the safest option for your bathroom. 

More Access to Sunlight

If your bathroom is a dark and dreary place, it's time to invest in a frameless shower door. Traditional shower designs can block out natural light. That means you need to rely on artificial light for your bathroom area. Unfortunately, artificial light can't stop mold growth. It also can't provide you with vitamin D. That's why you should choose frameless shower doors for your new bathroom. Frameless shower doors allow more sunlight into the bathroom area. That means you can reduce your reliance on artificial light, and enjoy the health benefits you get from sunlight. 


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