The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

Six Safety Hazards You Avoid Behind The Wheel By Having Your Auto Glass Repaired

by Eric Olson

It's essential for vehicle owners to understand that having damaged auto glass repaired promptly is not just about appearances. The condition of your auto glass can actually have a big impact on safety, and auto glass damage that is left unrepaired can cause numerous safety hazards.

The following are six safety hazards you avoid behind the wheel by having your auto glass repaired. 

Less effective airbag deployment

A lot of drivers aren't aware of the fact that the condition of their vehicle's windshield impacts airbag deployment. A strong windshield helps absorb the impact after an airbag is deployed in an accident. This improves an airbag's ability to prevent and minimize injuries for both drivers and passengers. 

Poor visibility

A badly damaged windshield might not be easy to see out of for the driver. If a driver doesn't have clear visibility out of both the windshield and windows, that driver is more likely to be involved in an accident. Good visibility keeps a driver not only safe, but more comfortable as well. 

Structural weaknesses in your vehicle

The auto glass in a vehicle also impacts the vehicle's structural integrity. If the auto glass has become weakened by past damage, a vehicle could be more likely to crumple in an accident so that the driver and passengers are less protected from severe injuries. 

Strong auto glass gives those within a vehicle the highest chance of avoiding severe injuries in any type of vehicle accident. 

Windshield glass that can easily shatter

Auto glass that is weakened by damage could easily shatter as a result of even a very minor impact. Glass shards can cause injury to those inside a vehicle if this happens. 

Improper functioning of safety features like automatic emergency braking

Many safety features like automatic emergency braking, forward collision warnings, and line departure warnings function thanks to sensors that are built into windshield glass. If the auto glass becomes damaged, these features might not function properly. This leaves those within a vehicle more at risk of getting in an accident. 

Higher likelihood of passengers being thrown from a vehicle in a bad accident

One of the deadliest situations in the event of a bad accident is being thrown from a vehicle out the front windshield. A windshield that is already damaged will shatter more easily in an accident and be less likely to prevent those sitting in the driver's seat and front passenger seat from being thrown out of the front windshield. 

Reach out to an auto glass repair shop to learn more.


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