The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

3 Ways Installing A Custom Mirror Can Modernize Your Bathroom

by Eric Olson

Finding ways to update a bathroom that hasn't had much work done over the years can feel daunting with how many options there are. If you're eager to modernize your bathroom without beginning an extensive remodeling project, consider the impact replacing the mirror can have.

Since there are so many choices for mirrors and you may have your own preferences, a custom-designed mirror could be the ideal fit. Consider the following ways a custom mirror can give your bathroom an entirely new look you'll be satisfied with.


Instead of choosing any mirror at a retailer, consider the size that will best suit your bathroom. It may surprise you that the size of the mirror can create the illusion of more space in a bathroom. Since the mirror can fit horizontally across the entire sink vanity and nearly reaches the ceiling, the added reflection can make your bathroom appear much larger, giving it a new look.

Since it can be challenging to find a mirror that's the correct size for your bathroom, especially if there are any awkward obstacles or sizing concerns, you can have a custom mirror made to give your bathroom a new look.


As you prepare to have a new mirror installed in your bathroom, you may have your own preferences regarding framing. A thick frame with a wood finish or a frameless mirror can look substantially different once installed in your bathroom. Since you may have your own idea of the ideal frame or want a frameless mirror, you can explore having a custom mirror built with the design you prefer.  


Finding a way to incorporate lighting in a flattering way can be easier when you opt for a custom mirror. Since you may want the light fixtures positioned directly above the mirror, it makes sense to have the mirror installed before you replace the lighting. Whether the light is a bar that follows the mirror's width or there are individual light fixtures above the mirror, choosing the ideal design can be a lot easier when you choose a mirror with the lighting in mind.

Replacing the mirror in your bathroom can give the space a new look, making it easier to get ready in the mornings. Since a new mirror can be much larger or have different framing, you'll need to explore all your options and whether a custom mirror makes the most sense for you.  

For more information about custom mirror installation, contact a local company. 


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