The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

Three Benefits Of A Doorless Shower Enclosure

by Eric Olson

Revamping the shower in your primary bathroom with the help of a local bathroom specialist can not only give the room a fresh, new feel but can also make you excited to take showers each day. A good place to start is to think about how you want the shower enclosure to look. While some people favor showers that have doors, another option is to choose a doorless design. For this idea to work, it's ideal if you have a bathroom that is on the larger side, as the shower enclosure will need to be big enough for the opening to be well away from the flow of water. Here are three benefits of a doorless shower.

Easy Access

While opening and closing a shower door isn't exactly difficult, it's certainly easier to enter and exit a shower enclosure that is doorless. Rather than having to reach for the door handle and swing or slide the door open after you get undressed and are ready to take your shower, you'll simply step through the opening and turn the water on. Once your shower is done, you can step back through the opening onto the bathroom floor and begin to dry off.

Less Cleaning

If you're the type of person who takes pride in keeping your bathroom as clean as possible, a doorless design may appeal to you more than a shower that has a door. When you have a door, you'll need to clean it regularly. A glass door, for example, requires wiping down after each shower and scrubbing regularly to ensure that the glass remains clear and shiny. A doorless shower enclosure has less for you to clean. When you think about the time that you'd spend over the course of a year tending to the door, you'll realize how much time you can save with a doorless design.

More Affordable

It's also worthwhile to note that a doorless shower enclosure can often be more affordable than a similar enclosure that has a door. There are lots of factors that influence how much your shower enclosure will cost, but there's no denying that a door adds to the bill. If you're on a tight budget, consider getting a quote for the enclosure you want — both with and without a door. You'll almost certainly find that the latter quote saves you money, which can make it appealing. Contact a shower contractor to learn more about custom shower enclosures. 


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