The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

Entry-Resistant Film Protects Your Store From Intruders And Thieves

by Eric Olson

If you run a business, you probably always worry about security. If your store closes at night, your store can be vulnerable to intruders and thieves. Crime can occur during the day too when you and your employees are distracted. You should consider having entry-resistant film applied to your windows. The film can slow down or stop intruders. Here's a look at how this window film works. 

The Film Is Applied To Any Size Window Glass

Window film is usually applied to the interior side of a window. It's trimmed to fit the size of the glass exactly. It clings to the glass once it's in place so the film is permanent. Installation is fairly easy, so the installation costs are not too high. The film can look invisible once it's in place, or it might have a dark color if you also want more privacy during the day.

Entry-Resistant Film Is Tough

This kind of film comes in various thicknesses. The thicker the film is, the more protection it provides.

Entry-resistant film is enough to slow an intruder down and hopefully make them give up and move on to an easier target.

The Glass Might Still Crack

The goal of entry-resistant film is to keep intruders out. There are side benefits too, such as protecting your building during a strong storm or hurricane. However, the windows aren't intended to be impervious to cracks. If someone strikes your window with a bat, the glass might have radiating cracks where the bat hit, but the glass stays stuck to the film.

The film is strong and durable, so it won't let the glass fall out of the frame. The intruder might not be able to break through the glass, so the film did its job by protecting your store. Your only loss is the window glass rather than expensive jewelry or other goods.

Entry-Window Film May Also Reflect UV Rays

Entry window film can have additional benefits for your building. If you get a dark film, your building will have more privacy during the daylight hours. You can also get a film that reflects the sun, and that could keep your shop a little cooler. The most important aspect though, is improving the security of your building.

Since retail crime is a constant threat, you need to protect your building the best way you can. Entry-resistant film is a good choice since window glass is usually the most vulnerable part of a building.

Reach out to an entry-resistant film supplier to learn more.


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