The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

The Beauty Is Clear With Glass

4 Signs You Need New Commercial Glass Storefront Doors

by Eric Olson

Your commercial business is important to you and so is maintaining a healthy image revolving around your business. Part of maintaining your image revolves around the physical appearance of your building. This may sound like a simple way to approach being more professional and organized, but it's true that curb appeal can go a long way.

Your clientele may judge your business based on how well it is presented to them, so if you have scratched door glass or doors that are not tinted and protected against onlookers and UV rays — among other issues — they very well may take their business elsewhere. As shallow as this seems, it's worth it to invest in commercial glass storefront doors to help keep the image of your business pristine.

Here are four signs you need new commercial glass storefront doors

Your existing commercial doors are yellowed or aged

Over time, your commercial exterior glass doors can become aged by the sun and weather. Spider webs and debris can get caught between the panes, as well as moisture and dust. The window glass can also age and get yellowed or cloudy due to hard water damage and constant exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Even with professional power washing, these windows may not entirely clean up and it's up to you to make sure they are very presentable so your clients can see through your windows how well you value your company.

Your existing commercial windows are drafty

If you have single pane or non-energy efficient commercial windows, they are costing you money. These commercial windows are going to cost you money in heating and cooling costs and are also not as efficient for leaving UV rays outside your commercial building where they belong. Make the investment in new commercial glass storefront doors to add greater value to your business.

Your existing commercial windows aren't as safe

Did you know you can invest in storm glass or bullet-resistant glass? Impact-resistant glass is safer, so if you want to protect your building against a potential (and hopefully unlikely) break-in, you can do so with the right commercial glass storefront doors.

Your existing commercial windows are chipped or damaged

Even the thickest and most durable glass is not invincible; if your windows are scratched, chipped, and otherwise damaged, take care of them by having new commercial glass storefront doors put in. This will allow you to really enjoy your windows and get the most out of them.


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